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Metallica Live & The Rolling Stone Top 100 What???

Metallica – hold my beer for a minute, I have to do this first.


Okay team – I don’t know where to start here, but I have to ask – have you seen the Rolling Stone “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All-Time” article written by a slew of apparently uneducated writers?

Legit – 15 people collaborated on this piece. FIFTEEN. That’s insane, especially when you consider how abysmal the list actually is. ¬†Objectively, I ran through the list quickly to see who was actually on it before I judged any ranking.



Easily, there are at least 10-15 albums that (to me) do not quantify as Metal and at the bare minium, another 10-15 albums that were blatantly overlooked.

The top ten was easily comprised by the cognitive 15 running a simple Google search for “greatest metal album of all-time” and ranking the results haphazardly.

I suggest checking out the article here: PILE OF DOG SHIT

Go ahead, give it a read and take note of obvious omissions.

Got that? Done? Okay good. Lets not fuck around and get to the top 10 without any further adieu.

10. Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power

09. Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Oz

08. Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

07. Motorhead – No Remorse

06. Slayer – Reign in Blood

05. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

04. Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast

03. Judas Priest – British Steel

02. Metallica – Master of Puppets

01. Black Sabbath – Paranoid

There is only one “minor” surprise on that list for me, being Motorhead. I thought for sure, being Rolling Stone, they would have gone with Ace of Spades, but alas – color me surprised.

That said – nothing shocks you on that list. Nothing is edgy. What concerns me is that this list could have been done so, so much better.

GLARING omissions all over the place here. When they label the article as the 100 “Greatest” metal albums of all-time, one would just assume that they would consider ground breaking albums.

Death – Scream Bloody Gore is missing. Bathory’s self titled record and so is Possessed – Seven Churches. Three albums that DEFINED death metal are completely passed over.

They could have easily plugged in about four more Iron Maiden records. Nowhere did I see Judas Priest’s “Sad Wings of Destiny” – but yet Evanescense, Soundgarden, and Living Colour made the list?

That makes me scratch my head.

Overall I felt that this list was confused and the fact that more than one person put it together is obvious. To have bands like Ministry make the list with Psalm 69, but then omit an arguably bigger “Industrial Metal” band like Nine Inch Nails just makes no sense.

I hate that I read these lists, but I can’t avoid them. What do you think? What should be crowned the greatest metal album of all-time?


Phew – that was a lot to think about. So now back to my originally planned blog – Metalica live.

I screwed up big time guys. I didn’t go to Metallica. I’ve never seen Metallica live. (Shame on me) and I thought this would have been my chance when they played Gillette Stadium on May 19th – but I cheapened out and didn’t buy tickets.


I have a lot of friends and family that went. Some were fortunate enough to get snake pit passes and I’m not too proud to say that I was INSANELY jealous.

So, after I dried my tears from checking out their amazing photos – I saw that Metallica is recording and selling “bootlegs” of all their shows on this tour. They may have done this in the past, I’m not sure – but I was stoked about this time around. So, I bit and bought the CD’s.IMG_6876

I was impressed. Not only was I impressed with the sound quality – but just the energy and I was listening with a bittersweet ear.

I had heard from friends what the set list was comprised of, and I initially thought it would be disappointing.

If you’re unaware, they played 18 full songs with a couple of nice surprises.

The boys played five songs off of Hardwired to Self Destruct – which I had a feeling they might go heavy on that album due to the enormous amount of marketing and promotion they put behind it.

The black album reigned supreme with six songs being played off of that. So, for those keeping tabs at home, that’s 11 songs between just two albums.

One from Kill ‘Em All, one from Re-Load, “One” from …And Justice for All (see what I did there?), one from Master of Puppets and three from Ride the Lightning.

When the band played “Now That We’re Dead” they went into a cool little breakdown with Lars taking over the rhythm and the crowd really got into it.

That was a nice surprise, but the best surprise of the night, in my opinion, came after the band played “Halo of Fire” – Kirk Hammet and Rob Trujillo came out and “played around” with the crowd – which entailed a riffed version of “I Disappear” and then ultimately Rob playing “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” – which made the crowd go insane.

Old school fans should have felt satiated from hearing six songs prior to the black album, including fucking Motorbreath… MOTORBREATH in front of 60,000 people!

New fans got plenty of Hardwired and the infamous black album.

All in all, its a show I am sad I missed, but glad I get to listen to whenever I want. So here you go, go buy a show!!!

Long live Metallica – still the fucking kings of the metal world.