Of the dark light

Suffocation: “…Of the Dark Light” QUICK REVIEW



Nuclear Blast

Released on June 9th of this year, Suffocation brought forth their eighth studio album and first release in four years.


While 2017 has already been packed with solid new releases, Suffocation dropped what may already be an early favorite for Best Metal Album of  the year with “…Of the Dark Light” – an album that contains nine songs of sheer brutality and technical genius.

Fans will see that there was a slight changing of the guard on this record. Frank Mullen, Terrance Hobbs, and Chris Richards all return on vocals, guitar, and bass, but Charlie Errigo takes over for Guy Marchais on rhythm guitar, while  Eric Morrotti does the drumming in place of Dave Culross (who appeared on Pinnacle of Bedlam.)

Immediately upon popping the album on, the band pummels your ear drums with a battering ram of sound on Clarity Through Deprivation. The pedal has been pushed down and the boys never let up.

Fans of Suffocation have come to expect blistering stop-start riffs, combined with intricate and pummeling drums as well as brutal, honest lyrics. This album does not disappoint. In what might be the best track on the album (certainly the one receiving the most play in my speakers) Your Last Breaths exemplifies everything you could want from a Suffocation song.

I found this album pulse-pounding and has managed to dethrone Immolation’s “Atonement” as my favorite death metal album of the year thus far.